Papers on IEEE 1394 Technology

We are making several papers available to you and your company to promote education aboutthe IEEE 1394 technology. You may download and print these papers as wellas distribute them to fellow employees with the following restrictions:

  1. You may not alter the contents of the papers in any way including any copyright notices
  2. You may not publish the papers in any form, hardcopy or electronic, without written approval of Skipstone, Inc.
  3. You give credit to the authors and Skipstone when a paper is used
Paper - IEEE 1394: a Ubiquitous Bus

Paper - IEEE 1394: the Cable Connection to Complete the Digital Revolution

Paper - IEEE 1394, the A/V Digital Interface of Choice

Paper - SerialSoft, the IEEE 1394 Software Interface Standard

Links to IEEE 1394 Technology Articles

Article - Rallying Around the IEEE 1394, by Terence Dyke and Paul Smolen

Article - FireWire Plays Starring Role in Simple, Fast PCs. PCWeek Magazine, July 1996

Article - Fire on the Wire: The IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus, by Roger Jennings

Article - FireWire by Michael Jansen

Article - FireWire by Shad Stafford

Article - What is the IEEE1394 Digital Interface, by JVC-Victor Inc.

Article - Special Report: New Mac Buses on the Horizon. MacWorld News, April 1996

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Skipstone News Releases

The following News Releases involve Skipstone:

News Release -- April 3, 1996 --Skipstone Creating Computer Solutions for IEEE 1394 Serial Bus

News Release -- July 24, 1996 --miro Computer Products and Skipstone to Develop and ManufactureIEEE 1394-based Digital Video Editing Solution

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