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miro Computer Products and Skipstone to Develop and Manufacture IEEE 1394-based Digital Video Editing Solution

Palo Alto -- July 24, 1996 -- miro Computer Products and Skipstone announced a joint development and distribution agreement to ship the first DV-compliant video editing board with an IEEE-1394 interface for Windows and Macintosh platforms by year's end. The alliance leverages Skipstone's early product development of an IEEE 1394-compliant PCI bus card for personal computers, and miro's price/performance leadership and technical superiority in the desktop digital video editing market. The agreement ensures that the much-anticipated IEEE 1394-based digital video editing boards will be available from the market leaders later this year.

This new agreement, coupled with miro's licensing of the Sony DV codec source code in April, provides the expertise and resources to accelerate development of this new product. Under terms of the agreement, miro is developing application software based on the Sony DV codec, and Skipstone is creating the IEEE 1394 PCI hardware and driver software to provide a complete digital video editing solution.

With miro's 1394-based digital video editing product, users can capture video from an IEEE 1394-compatible DV camcorder to the computer's hard drive, and then manipulate and edit these clips. Since video is transferred digitally from the source to the computer, users maintain exceptional video quality and prevent any loss of quality due to additional sampling or analog-to-digital conversion. In conjunction with other products from the miro digital video family, including the miro DC20 and the recently announced miroVIDEO DC30, users will be able to combine DV format video with material from other (analog) sources such as S-VHS or Hi-8.

"This agreement provides the essential IEEE 1394-to-PCI bridge hardware necessary for a complete digital video editing solution of the highest quality and performance," said Michael Kuehn, CEO of miro Computer Products. "This joining of forces - miro, a leader in desktop video, and Skipstone, a leader in 1394 technology - will propel these exciting new technologies to market quickly."

Skipstone has granted miro an unlimited worldwide license to manufacture boards based on the Skipstone IEEE 1394/PCI design and worldwide distribution rights for Skipstone IEEE 1394 boards. "The market for IEEE 1394-based digital video editing solutions is poised to take off with the first product introductions," said Gary Hoffman, CEO of Skipstone. "Skipstone is pleased to be partnered with miro to be a major player in this market."

About the companies

miro Computer Products AG is a leading global manufacturer of advanced multimedia products designed to accelerate the movement of information and ideas. miro has a thirteen year history of award-winning digital video editing, multimedia, communications, CAD and graphics products. Headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, miro sells to distributors, OEMs, systems integrators and VARs through nine subsidiaries throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Contact miro at 955 Commercial Street, Palo Alto, CA 94303, by phone at 800-474-6476, or through their Web site at

Skipstone is a leading OEM supplier of products and services for the IEEE High-Performance Serial Bus. Their computer adapters and SerialSoft software are the de facto standard for IEEE 1394 product development. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Skipstone provides IEEE related engineering services for manufacturers entering the 1394 marketplace. Additional information about Skipstone and the IEEE Serial Bus can be found at Skipstone's Internet Web site at or by contacting them directly at 512-305-0200.

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